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Alumni Event

JANUARY 24th, 2015

5:00PM - 9:00PM

 You're invited!

St Luke School Welcomes You!


Public Health Seattle & King County

We have begun to see an increase in influenza activity in King County. Illness clusters have appeared in schools and long-term care facilities, and there are increasing numbers of cases being reported at local hospitals and clinics. Many schools have been seeing an increased rate of absenteeism for febrile illnesses associated with muscle and body aches, fatigue, coughing, and sore throat.

Read the full public health notification here.

Posted December 16

Alumni Event - Saturday January 24th

Register for this event here.

St. Luke Alumni

"We Are a Reflection of Your Light"

At St Luke Shoreline, curriculum centers on developing youth into Catholic leaders. This year, students have spent time reflecting on the the theme of "shining their light for others." It takes a village to raise young leaders, and members of the past and present community contribute to this growth.

On Saturday, January 24th, St Luke Shoreline invites you back to the parish and school to see how your presence can serve as a reflection of His light. We will celebrate Mass, followed by a delicious dinner, prepared by St Luke Alumni.

Mass will be celebrated by Fr. Brad Hegelin, with dinner hosted by our new principal, Mr. Rick Boyle.

Register for this Event Here.

Your speedy reply will help in our planning! Please RSVP and register today!

Updated December 17

Student Artwork

A selection of student artwork on display around the school.

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  • IMG_5839
  • IMG_5841
  • IMG_5842
  • IMG_5844
  • IMG_5858
  • IMG_5860
  • IMG_5862
  • IMG_5864
  • IMG_5865
  • IMG_5866
  • IMG_5867
  • IMG_5871
  • IMG_5872
  • IMG_5873
  • IMG_5874
  • IMG_5875
  • IMG_5877
  • IMG_5878
  • IMG_5879
  • IMG_5880
  • IMG_5882
  • IMG_5883
  • IMG_5884

CYO Sports

Basketball Registration

Registration for CYO Basketball is now open, just click here for more details!


Photos from the soccer game versus The Holy Rosary school and 7th/8th Grade PE Soccer Fun are available from the following links.

Adobe Flash is required to view these albums, click here for the match against Holy Rosary and here for 7th and 8th Grade PE Soccer Fun photos.

For non-Flash browsers, go here for Holy Rosary Soccer and 7th and 8th Grade Soccer photos.

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From the Speech Team

Club Meetings

Are you intrigued on how to capture and hold the attention of an audience?
Have you ever wanted to be able to speak confidently about topics that interest you?
Does reading aloud from literature, favorite books, or plays thrill you?
Do you like competition? Do you like writing? Then click here for more information.

Speech Club Handbook

The Speech Club Handbook is now available here for download.

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