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If you are a parent of a child at St Luke School, a parishioner, a member of staff at the parish or school, or St Luke Alumni, we would very much appreciate your time in taking our quick survey.  It will only take you a few minutes and is completely anonymous.
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We continue to suggest that anyone who has filled out a background check form since 2001 check the Archdiocesan website at for information about possible tax fraud.  We have heard that people are receiving phone calls from people purporting to be from IRS or the background check company.  These have been scams.  Please be careful about providing information to anyone if you did not originate the call. 

Since opening its doors in 1957, St. Luke School has established a rich tradition of academic excellence. From our early beginning with 125 students in grades first through fifth, the school has continued to grow, earning accolades along the way.

Our rich, educational history has allowed St. Luke School to emerge as one of the marquee Catholic schools of the north King/south Snohomish area, and we work hard to maintain that distinction. Read more


The St. Luke School graduate is one whose attitudes, values, personal, and spiritual attributes are instilled in faith, hope, and love.

An Active and Faithful Catholic who:

  • Demonstrates a knowledge of the Catholic Faith and traditions
  • Develops a personal relationship with God, and knows and practices a variety of prayer forms
  • Participates in the liturgical celebrations of the Church
  • Actively demonstrates service in the parish and the broader community
  • Demonstrates moral and ethical values based on the Catholic Faith

An Engaged and Life-Long learner who:

  • Demonstrates a love and curiosity of learning
  • Demonstrates competency in all academic areas, both independently and collaboratively
  • Uses critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Exhibits self-direction and demonstrates organizational and study skills
  • Communicates effectively through speech, writing, technology and active listening

 A Socially Responsible Person who:

  • Has a sense of respect and responsibility for self and others
  • Makes a positive impact on the world through their actions(people and environment)
  • Is aware of local, national, and international events
  • Responds to and models positive leadership
  • Advocates for social justice based on the principles of Catholic social teachings
  • Develops positive social and emotional skills through peaceful conflict resolution


The St. Luke Eighth graders are going to serve a meal at Tent City on February 13.  We have been focusing on poverty and ways we can help those in our community.  The eighth grade has made a list of products which would greatly help those in need, and each grade has been asked to focus on the selected items below if possible. Please donate by February 11, so all products can be prepared to bring to this community in need.  Working together we can make a difference in the lives of the poor. Thanks so much for your generosity!

Read more here.

"With Catholic values and tradition, educate the whole child to lead as Jesus leads."

To learn more about St Luke School visit our Informational Site and find out more.  You can also schedule a visit to see for yourself what our wonderful school can provide.

St. Luke School is a 501(c)(3) U.S. charitable organization. Donations and contributions are deductible as charitable contributions for federal income, estate, and gift tax purposes.

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