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Mission / Vision

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St. Luke Through inquiry and reflection, we educate globally-minded citizens who live the love of Jesus. We are inquiring minds, hearts for Jesus, and hands for service.


St. Luke School is a community rooted in the Catholic faith and committed to innovative teaching practices. We educate the whole child to live a life filled with faith and purpose, which opens a path to inner peace and respect for others. We honor the unique gifts of each student and nurture thoughtful, independent learners who ask questions and solve problems to create a better world.


Fostering Academic Excellence - Where Every Student and Parent Belongs to Our Community.

Since opening our doors in 1957, St. Luke School has established a rich tradition of academic excellence.  Staffed by three Edmond Dominican Sisters and one lay teacher, the initial student body consisted of 125 students in grades first through fifth.  The school has continued to grow over the years, earning accolades along the way.

Our rich educational history has allowed St. Luke School to emerge as one of the marquee Catholic schools of the north King/south Snohomish area, and we work hard to maintain that distinction. Buildings and instructional programs are continually upgraded as extra-curricular activities enrich the academic experience.

Today, St. Luke School serves over 260 families and more than 430 students in Preschool through eighth grade. There are 2 student classrooms in each grade level and our Preschool provides a robust program for children at 3 and 4 years of age. 

Building Family and Community

An integral part of the St Luke experience is the community that your family is joining. The community at St Luke is so much more than carpooling help, or playdates when a babysitter cancels. When your family enters St Luke, you become part of a network of support: a family of teachers and staff that know your child from the time they enter the school, a spectrum of parent groups and organizations that all are focused on the well being and healthy development of your child, a community of fellow parents who share your desire for values-based education, a parish that supports your family.

Indeed, the St Luke community is something very special. Maybe that is why so many St Luke alumni choose St Luke for the education of their children, why former students return to St Luke to teach, and why so many friendships made at St Luke carry through the rest of the children's lives.