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Communicating Progress:

St. Luke School teachers use a variety of methods and types of assessments to monitor and ensure student learning. Students are assessed informally through observing, listening, asking questions, discussion, and requiring written responses to ensure the students understand a concept or skill.
Students are also assessed through formal assessments, which include, but are not limited to, portfolios, written tests, oral tests, summative performance tasks, and projects.

Student achievement is communicated with students and families via an online platform called Toddle. Toddle is an online platform created for IB schools that helps with unit planning and teacher collaboration, has an online student journal, and helps monitor, document, measure, and report on student learning. Progress reports are sent home to parents 3 - 6 times a year and report cards are sent home three times a year.

Students in grades K through 8th take the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) standardized tests. The data the school collects from these tests and classroom assessments is then disaggregated and is used to help inform instruction and curriculum.

Toddle is a password-protected platform only used by the St. Luke learning community, and pictures will be used as a needed avenue for assessing understanding, setting goals, and showing growth.