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Kindergarten - 8th Grade Tuition

At St. Luke School, we provide a quality Catholic education that teaches the whole child; spiritually, emotionally, academically, and socially. We believe faith is formed through continuous collaboration between the school, the family, the student, the church and our community. 

The following tuition figures are for the 2024-2025 school year. Each year, tuition is approved by our Finance and School Commission.

K- 8 Tuition for 2024-2025

Jennifer Roben| Business Manager

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  • Volunteer Service Hour Obligation
    • Each family with students in grades K-8 is required to provide 30 hours of service. Preschool families are required 10 hours for the 4-year-old program and 5 hours for the 3-year-old program.
    • For Single Parent Households- the requirement is 15 hours for K-8, and 5 hours for both our 3 and 4 year programs. 
  • Fundraising Obligation: Each family is required to raise a minimum of $200 annually for our fundraising events (St. Luke-a-thon, Magazine Sales, etc).
  • RaiseRight: Each family has an annual $100 rebate in RAISERIGHT (SCRIP) fundraising obligation.
  • Auction: Each family is required to procure or donate $350 worth of items or pay a cash equivalent for the Spring Auction. Also, $40 is collected from each family that funds their student's auction art project.

  • Parent's Club Dues: Each family is asked to pay $25 to help support all the activities our Parent's Club puts on for students and staff throughout the year.