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Celebrating Generosity, Nurturing Legacy:
Advancing St. Luke School Together

At St. Luke School, we cherish the transformative impact of generosity and fundraising on both our students and the broader community. Our dedicated efforts in advancement serve as the cornerstone for providing indispensable resources and enriching opportunities that elevate every student's educational journey under our care.

Through vibrant fundraising initiatives and the gracious contributions of our supporters, we are committed to fortifying scholarship programs, enhancing facilities, and broadening educational horizons. Your unwavering support sustains our pursuit of academic excellence and dismantles financial barriers, ensuring every student can access a high-quality education without constraint.

Together, fueled by a spirit of philanthropy and collective commitment, we are steadfast in fortifying the enduring legacy of St. Luke's as a beacon of learning and opportunity for generations to come.

Moreover, we recognize the importance of nurturing meaningful connections with our esteemed alumni and benefactors. These relationships form the heartbeat of our community, offering invaluable sustenance beyond monetary contributions. By fostering bonds with our alumni, we pay homage to the rich heritage of St. Luke School and cultivate avenues for mentorship, networking, and sustained engagement.

‚ÄčSimilarly, our donors serve as indispensable partners in our journey of progress, acting not only as financial pillars but also as staunch advocates for our mission and values. Together, let us deepen and fortify these vital alliances, ensuring that St. Luke School continues thriving as an eminent educational institution for generations.

Jess Cunningham
Director of Advancement

We Welcome You! Get Involved!

Welcome to the "Giving Side" of St. Luke School, where generosity intertwines with the diverse talents of our community creating the foundational excellence of our identity as a Catholic International Baccalaureate school.

Here, we celebrate the myriad of ways in which our community supports our mission, fostering a tapestry of faith and love that binds us together.

From the parent-friendly Bingo Bash to the kid-focused Jog-A-Thon, every thread of support contributes to the vibrant fabric of our school community. We invite parents to connect and get involved in whatever capacity they can, recognizing that their engagement is not only contractual but also a vital part of the root system that nourishes our community and fosters relationships with other school families. Explore the various avenues through which you can contribute and join us in nurturing a culture of giving that empowers the next generation of leaders and learners.

The connections we make here transcend mere time or financial investments, enriching the tapestry of our community for years to come. Join us in shaping the future of St. Luke School through your active participation and support.