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RaiseRight Program

The RaiseRight program is an important part of our annual fundraising program!

​How does the Raise Right program work?

When you purchase gift cards through the Raise Right program, retailers automatically donate a specified rebate percentage back to St. Luke School.

  • For example, if you purchase gift cards for everyday items (such as groceries, gas, fast food, etc.), you easily earn rebates toward your Raise Right fundraising commitment.

    • Examples: 

      • $100 QFC/Fred Meyer gift card = $5 rebate (5%)

      • $100 Macy’s gift card = $10 (10%)

      • $50 Five Restaurant gift card = $8.50 (17%) 

      • $50 Double DD gift card = $10 rebate (20%)

      • $5 Brown Bear Car Wash ticket = $2.50 rebate (50%)

What are the Raise Right program funds used for?

This year, all of the Raise Right funds go towards the St. Luke Technology Fund. The St. Luke Technology Fund supports the upgrade of technology in the classrooms and throughout St. Luke school.

Do I have to participate in the Raise Right program?

Yes, each family is committed to earning a minimum $100 in Raise Right rebates for the current school year. 

When can I start earning Raise Right rebates?


What are the calendar dates that I need to know?

  • Free registration – July 1st to the last day of February

  • $100 commitment – July 1st to May 31st.

  • Physical holiday gift cards – orders placed by the first Friday of December to receive gift cards before the holiday break

  • End-of-school-year gift cards – orders placed by the first Friday of June to receive gift cards before the summer break

Are there any additional incentives to earning more than my $100 yearly Raise Right commitment?


  • To meet the free registration deadline, all rebates must be earned between July 1st and the last day of February.

    • $400 earned rebates = 1 free registration (a value of $250)

    • $700 earned rebates = 2 free registrations (a value of $500)

The more you earn, the more funding is put toward the St. Luke Technology Fund.


Ordering Options

Option 1

On Monday or Tuesday, print an order form from the school website. Fill out the form indicating the gift cards you want to purchase, and send it to school with your student with a check made payable to St. Luke SCRIP. Cards in stock will come home with your student on Friday or will be at the office for pickup on Friday. Please make sure to indicate on the order form your preferred method of receiving the cards. Special order cards will come home the following week. You can send in an order every Monday.

Order Form

Option 2

Set up a standing order. Fill out the form for a standing order indicating which cards you would like to order and how frequently. Attach your checks pre-filled out and post dated – made payable to ST LUKE RAISE RIGHT. For example – if you are ordering monthly – send 10 checks (September – June). If you need to cancel mid year, change your order, or skip an order – that’s fine. Just email us the Friday before and we’ll make the changes. Standing orders will come home on Fridays with your student or be at the office Friday for pickup. Please make sure to indicate on the order form your preferred method of receiving the cards.

Standing Order Form

Option 3

Order online with RAISE RIGHT NOW and PRESTO PAY. Once you have an online account set up with and have established Presto Pay (linked to your checking account) – you can order RAISE RIGHT NOW from your computer or smart phone, and the gift card will be emailed to you within minutes. There are hundreds of national retailers offering RAISE RIGHT now – so it’s a great way to order gift cards on the go when unexpected purchases come up or if we do not stock that gift card at the school.

For the enrollment code, please contact:

RaiseRight FAQ



St. Luke parents and parishioners generously volunteer and dedicate their time to run the Raise Right program.

Meet the Raise Right Volunteer Team 

  • Gee Geronimo – Raise Right Volunteer Coordinator

  • Anna Liza Lopez-Paez – Raise Right Volunteer Coordinator

  • Hailey Towne – Raise Right Volunteer

  • Shawn Huang – Raise Right Volunteer

  • Peter and Elena Harrington – Raise Right Saturday Mass Volunteers

  • Melissa Upson – Raise Right Sunday Mass Volunteer

How do I contact the Raise Right Volunteer Team?

*Volunteers needed for:

  • Order fulfillment once a week

  • After 5 p.m. mass sales every Saturday

  • After 9 a.m. mass sales every Sunday

  • After 11 a.m. mass sales every Sunday

Get More Bang for Your Buck!!!

  • Sharing enrollment code – family and friends need to email the Raise Right Volunteer Team to indicate who receives their earned rebate for the current school year.

  • Amazon Smile

  • Fred Meyer Community Giving

  • Bonus Rebates

  • Uniforms and School Supplies

  • Sports

  • Travel – cruises, lodging, flights and Disney gift cards

  • Gifts – birthdays, holidays, company giving

  • Parish Giving – Thanksgiving baskets and Christmas gift giving (please see parish for more information)

  • AUCTION DONATIONS!!! – gift cards received by the auction procurement due date.