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Carpool Information

Arial View of Carpool Map

Carpool Lane Assignments

As you enter the carpool area, drive into the lane assigned to your student's homeroom teacher. Please pull all the way forward and remain in your car at all times and with the engine turned off.

Grades K - 2 - 3:00 pm daily (Except for Tuesday early release day @ 2:00)

Gr. K - Lessard in lane 1

Gr. K - Pala in lane 2

Gr. 1 - Haskins in lane 3

Gr. 1 - Bergere in lane 4

Gr. 2 - Breitbarth/Colter in lane 5

Grades 3 - 8 - 3:15 pm daily (Except for Tuesday early release day @ 2:15)

Gr. 3 - Smith/Sheehan in lane 1

Gr. 4 - Sciortino/Edmonds in lane 2

Gr. 5 - Bakamis/Scholz in lane 3

Gr. 6 - Dimock/Gilbreath in lane 4

Gr. 7 & 8 - Fargo, Cleary, Patterson, and Conrow in lane 5​

Carpool Pro Tip

Navigating carpool might feel a little confusing and hurried at first. Don't worry! The St. Luke staff will be out in force to welcome you in and help guide you through the process. Remember to build a little extra time into your morning routine for a stress-free commute!

Carpool Safety

The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. Please follow the procedures and policies outlined below. Staff will direct students from their cars to the building in the morning, and from the building to the cars in the afternoon. Drivers should remain in their cars at all times. Students arriving after 8:30am should be escorted to the Front Office and signed in by the parent/caregiver.

  • Please turn off your engine while in the holding zone.
  • Drivers should remain in their cars at all times.
  • Passengers should remain seated and buckled at all times.
  • For safety sake, do not allow children to hang out of car windows or sunroofs while on campus

Entering and Exiting the Campus

Drivers should enter the school campus via N. 175th Street at the south end of the church parking lot. The carpool exits on Dayton Ave N. Be sure to follow all posted signs and directionals while on campus. The staff and student carpool team will guide you through the process.

Drop of & Pick Up Procedures